Report: Bad Call At End Of Patriots-Bills Game Was Because Official Forgot He Wasn't In College

The inadvertent whistle is justly getting most of the attention, but the Patriots’ 20-13 win over the Bills was a terrible game all around for the zebras. And the Boston Globe has a source in the referees’ union who blames the blown call on the final play of the game on an official who mixed up a college rule with an… »Tuesday 1:09pm11/24/15 1:09pm


What's Wrong With NFL Officiating?

It’s getting exhausting emerging from each weekend with our choice of questionable and downright bad refereeing decisions to analyze, but it feels unavoidable these days. I don’t know if it’s confirmation bias or if it’s real, but NFL officiating feels as bad this season as it’s ever been. Last night’s 20-13 Patriots… »Tuesday 9:26am11/24/15 9:26am

The Ravens Are (Rightfully) Pissed Off About The Officiating

Every team has calls go against it over the course of the game, but two in particular boned the Ravens last night, both in big spots, and both more or less inexplicable. Baltimore WR Steve Smith is not going to let the officials get away with this: “Two stars. That’s what I’m putting on my Yelp.” »10/27/15 10:30am10/27/15 10:30am

The Steelers Mysteriously Lost 18 Seconds On Their Final Drive

As a reasonable person who wants sports to be fair and knows they wouldn’t exist otherwise, I’m so glad the Steelers didn’t lose the game because of 18 seconds that mysteriously disappeared from the clock before their game-winning drive. As a fan of drama and controversy, I wish the Steelers had gotten fucked over and… »10/13/15 10:20am10/13/15 10:20am

If You Pick Up A Flag, You Need A Better Explanation Than That

Let's get this caveat out of the way, and (in spirit) amend it to all future discussions of the picked-up pass-interference flag that appeared so crucial in the Lions' loss to the Cowboys: the no-call didn't cost Detroit the game. Failing to hold a lead cost Detroit the game, as did turning the ball over three times,… »1/05/15 9:23am1/05/15 9:23am

Why Officials Picked Up The Flag And Gave Carolina The Win

The non-call that ended the Panthers' win over the Patriots was a bad call. Not a historically terrible one, in a vacuum: worse missed penalties and more egregious undeserved flags happen every week in the NFL. But on the last play of the game, a supremely entertaining slugfest between two Super Bowl contenders,… »11/19/13 9:38am11/19/13 9:38am

Dolphins Alerted League To Personal Foul On Last-Second FG In Week 5

After a loss to the Ravens in which Caleb Sturgis missed a last-second 57-yard field goal that would have tied the game, the Dolphins noticed that Baltimore pulled the same maneuver the Patriots got busted for yesterday. Miami sent video of the play to the league and the league reportedly admitted that the call should… »10/22/13 12:17am10/22/13 12:17am

A Brutal No-Goal Call, And The Blackhawks Are On The Ropes

Hockey's never been much for the sanctity of seeds. No one blinked last year when the eight-seeded Kings blew through the competition on the way to a Cup. So it's not any sort of mathematical upset that the Red Wings took a 2-1 lead in their series with the top-seeded Blackhawks last night—but they needed one very… »5/21/13 9:20am5/21/13 9:20am

Is The NFL Rigging The System To Put An Unqualified Referee In The Super Bowl?

Jerome Boger will referee the Super Bowl. Jerome Boger probably doesn't deserve to referee the Super Bowl. Football Zebras, a site devoted solely to NFL officiating, reported on Jan. 20 that Boger's unspectacular in-season grades for his refereeing had been mysteriously changed after the fact to make him more… »1/29/13 3:05pm1/29/13 3:05pm

Justin Tucker's Practice Kicks Before His Game-Winner Were Not Allowed, But They Were Also Not Not Allowed

Before Justin Tucker made the field goal that ended the the fifth longest game in NFL history yesterday, he jogged onto the field between the two overtimes and had an assistant coach hold the ball for him while he practiced his kicks. Champ Bailey was dismayed, as you can see in the video above, but nobody else on… »1/13/13 12:15pm1/13/13 12:15pm

The Ragin' Cajuns Beat Western Kentucky In Overtime By Playing 6-On-5

We're not surprised the Sun Belt officials escaped the court quickly after this blunder, where they allowed Louisiana-Lafayette to enjoy the rare basketball power play, in which they clearly put six men on the floor for their final possession of overtime—allowing them to score the winning basket against the… »1/05/12 10:35pm1/05/12 10:35pm

The Same Ref Who Worked The Seahawks-Steelers Super Bowl Will Work This Week's Seahawks-Steelers Game

They're still not over Super Bowl XL in Seattle, especially after referee Bill Leavy admitted last year he had "kicked" a couple of calls in the fourth quarter. That Leavy was assigned to work Sunday's game will at least take the city's focus off the state of the current Seahawks for a while. [PFT, via Seattle Times]… »9/13/11 3:20pm9/13/11 3:20pm

In These Troubled Times, Why Not Trust Your Money To A Hochuli?

Have some money to invest, but you're not totally sold on the financial genius that is Lenny Dykstra? Why not try Shawn Hochuli, son of embattled NFL referee iron pumper Ed Hochuli? Shawn is a football referee as well, in addition to being a young Gordon Gekko. Hochuli refs in the Big 12, working games from Iowa to… »11/25/08 11:45am11/25/08 11:45am