Trent Richardson Is Being Sued For "Orchestrating A Physical Assault" After A Browns Win In December

Browns running back Trent Richardson, in the news lately as an example of how not to run, has been named in a lawsuit, along with his girlfriend and brother, by two women claiming that Richardson commanded three other women, his girlfriend among them, to assault them for disrespecting his home after they slammed a… »3/23/13 2:15pm3/23/13 2:15pm

Here's A Picture Of Rob Gronkowski Hanging Out With Some Girls In A Boston Hotel

A friendly tipster writes in: "is this the Gonk with 8 party girls in a Boston hotel room last night? I'll let you decide." Thank you. Short answer: No. But it does look to be Rob Gronkowski hanging out in a hotel room with five (four and a half?) girls, plus the one that took the picture, so we're pretty close to… »3/09/13 11:40am3/09/13 11:40am

Reports: Joe Flacco—That Joe Flacco—Will Soon Be The Highest Paid Player In NFL History

Yep, Joe Flacco. The big-armed oaf. The doofy bridegroom. The guy whose dad said he was "dull" four times in two sentences five days before the Super Bowl. That guy. No, not the plumber who stripped the washers off your sink and left his wrench on your kitchen table—I mean the guy who backed up Tyler Palko at Pitt… »3/02/13 10:00am3/02/13 10:00am