A Lesson On Offside Calls For FIFA Officials Who Don't Understand Them

At least two egregiously bad offside calls were made this morning, one of which influenced a major cup tournament outcome. Since it appears FIFA referees (and, in one case, soccer broadcasters) don't understand this basic rule, we're going to illustrate them. » 1/17/15 1:03pm 1/17/15 1:03pm

U.K.'s Royal Mint Releases Coin Explaining The Offside Rule

Now that 2012 is upon us, the U.K.'s Royal Mint is releasing 29 new coins, each featuring a different Olympic sport. Above is the soccer coin, the reverse of which contains a handy diagram explaining just what constitutes offside. The image "is designed to provoke discussion," but I think the real discussion centers… » 1/04/12 11:00am 1/04/12 11:00am

Here's China Losing Its Olympic Men's Soccer Bid On A Blown Call (Which…

Regrettably, the Chinese men's soccer team will not have a chance to follow up its 2008 Olympics performance—six goals against, one goal for, two red cards, one vicious episode of crotch-punching—with an appearance in London in 2012. The People's Republic was eliminated from the Asian Olympic qualifying tournament… » 6/24/11 6:18pm 6/24/11 6:18pm