The Cockiest Way To End A Smash Bros. Match

Last weekend, a Smash Bros. event called Shockwave 11 went down. And during a Grand Final match with two impressive players, we saw what is probably a master class in swagger. » 12/23/14 7:57pm 12/23/14 7:57pm

This Is What A 90-MPH Fastball To The Face Looks Like

Astros prospect (and son of the former major leaguer) Delino DeShields, Jr. took a 90-mph fastball to the face last night during a game in Frisco, Texas and now his face looks like this: » 4/19/14 12:57pm 4/19/14 12:57pm

Brandon Phillips Line Drive Absolutely Rips Ump In The Dick

This...this is a mess. In the second inning of today's Reds-Indians game, Brandon Phillips uncorked a rocket right into umpire Brad Myers's dick. Myers tried to jump out of the way and instead positioned his dick right in the line of fire. He would remain on the ground for some time as both Cleveland and Cincinnati… » 3/17/14 9:06pm 3/17/14 9:06pm

This Might Be The Greatest Sports GIF Ever

Earlier this week, college volleyball player Trey Biggs took an absolutely vicious spike to the face and the result was an instant classic. He looks like a storm trooper getting blown away. But there's so much more. » 3/08/14 11:55am 3/08/14 11:55am

NBA TV Asks Couple "When's The Wedding?" Dude Responds: "Ohhh, Shit"

This is such a weird interview. In a segment featuring a couple selected as "Fans Of The Week" before the Heat-Pacers game last night, the NBA TV crew began razzing Jake Moran and questioning why his lady friend, Georgia, was with him. Georgia stood by Jake and so Greg Anthony cut right to the chase and asked the… » 12/12/13 12:24am 12/12/13 12:24am

Watch, Perhaps, The Worst Professional Ski Jump Attempt Ever

We've all been there: You're sledding, you slip, the sled gets out from under you and all of a sudden it's rocketing down the hill and you have to walk all the way down to go get it. Sucks. Unfortunately for Daiko Ito, he was strapped into skis, he is a professional ski jumper, this happened in front of a home crowd… » 1/20/13 10:40am 1/20/13 10:40am