ESPN's Chris Broussard Got $10,000 To Speak At A Public University

On, Chris Broussard—ESPN’s frequently wrong personality who once said being gay was an “open rebellion to God” and more recently had Mark Cuban call his reporting “ridiculous”—asks, “Is your audience ready to dig deeper and gain more insight into themselves than ever before?” If they are, he… »8/06/15 7:30pm8/06/15 7:30pm


Ohio University Marching 110 Does It Again, Covers Ylvis' "The Fox"

The last time we checked in on the Ohio University Marching 110, they were doing a "pretty good" rendition of Psy's "Gangnam Style." (Their performance of "Party Rock Anthem" isn't bad, either.) But during halftime of last night's bout against Marshall, the 110 gave their take on The Song Of The Summer. »9/15/13 12:00pm9/15/13 12:00pm

The Ohio University Marching Band Doing That Gangnam Style Thing Is Actually Pretty Good

I wanted to hate it, you know? Hot viral microshare reblog blah blah blah. But I also wanted to hate the actual video, and that's obviously the shit, so what can you do? These stupid nerds rocked it. I have nothing mean to say, about this routine, in particular. Good stuff. Looks hard! I hope it gets them all laid… »9/22/12 5:40pm9/22/12 5:40pm

Ohio Bobcats Get Black Jerseys, Completely Lose Their Shit

Skip ahead to the 1:10 mark or so and watch as Ohio football players learn via video that they'll be wearing black jerseys this season. Much whooping ensues. One guy rolls around on the floor. Another raises his arms in supplication to the glory of Russell Athletic. This is the jock equivalent of Oprah giving away… »9/23/11 11:00am9/23/11 11:00am