It Won't Matter Who Starts At Quarterback For Ohio State

With Braxton Miller announcing his to return to Ohio State, the Buckeyes now have three of college football’s best-available quarterbacks—Miller, J.T. Barrett, and Cardale Jones—all with big-game experience and all finally healthy. Now, the question that has been looming since their national championship can finally… »7/13/15 1:05pm7/13/15 1:05pm


Two-time Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year Braxton Miller told The Columbus Dispatch that he will

Two-time Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year Braxton Miller told The Columbus Dispatch that he will return to play for Ohio State in the 2015-16 season. After going down last season with a preseason shoulder injury, Miller was succeeded by J.T. Barrett and Cardale Jones—who he will battle this preseason for the… »7/09/15 5:50pm7/09/15 5:50pm

Ohio State's Loss To Va Tech Was The Worst Ever By A National Champ

It's nearly inconceivable that a national championship team, one that defeated the top two teams in the country with its third-string quarterback, lost earlier in the season to a school that had a losing conference record and barely qualified for a bowl game. But somehow Virginia Tech defeated Ohio State, by two… »1/13/15 5:10pm1/13/15 5:10pm

Michigan State Beats OSU, Saves Us From One Final BCS Controversy

Michigan State beat Ohio State 34-24 in the Big Ten championship and will go to the Rose Bowl. Above all else, this saves us the grief of having to listen to an aggrieved SEC or BIG Ten fan base had it come down to an unbeaten Ohio State or Auburn against Florida State. It's going to be Auburn and everyone… »12/08/13 12:37am12/08/13 12:37am

Michigan State Coaches Say Ohio State Gave Them Selectively Edited Game Tape

After Ohio State beat Michigan State today 17-16, the Spartans coaches' bellies ached loudly enough that reporters heard them and wrote that Michigan State's coaches were upset with Ohio State's coaches. Apparently the game film that Ohio State provided in advance of their game was not up to Big Ten conference… »9/29/12 9:47pm9/29/12 9:47pm