Here's Michael Jordan Schooling O.J. Mayo: "Better Scream For Mama!"

When O.J. Mayo was a high school phenom, he made the mistake of shit-talking Michael Jordan at one of Jordan's summer camps. Jordan was a few years north of 40 and well into his (permanent) retirement, but because he's Michael Jordan, he wasn't about to let such insolence from some young buck stand. So Jordan issued a… » 10/03/13 11:06am 10/03/13 11:06am

USC's Grand Week Continues

You'd have to consider OJ Mayo an extremely unlikely candidate to launch a white supremacy website, but that doesn't mean the much-heralded USC basketball recruit can't find another way to get into trouble. Mayo was busted for misdemeanor marijuana possession last night in Huntington, West Virginia. Now all USC needs… » 3/10/07 2:45pm 3/10/07 2:45pm