"Go, OJ, Go!": Liveblogging The White Bronco Chase, 20 Years Later

Unlike many people, I don't remember where I was when OJ Simpson took off on that infamous Bronco ride back in 1994. It was summer, so I was probably at my folks' house asking my mom to buy me lots of Killian's Irish Red for freshman year. I remember watching the sheriff on ESPN say that police were "actively"… »6/18/14 5:37pm6/18/14 5:37pm


It's The 20-Year Anniversary Of The Greatest Prank Call Of All Time

The O.J. Simpson car chase had its share of memorable moments. For you, maybe it was the absurdity of a white Ford Bronco leading a phalanx of police well under the speed limit, or the knowledge that Simpson had a gun to his head, or Al Cowlings telling police "You know who I am, goddammit" or just the realization… »6/17/14 5:29pm6/17/14 5:29pm

20 Years After The O.J. Simpson Chase And The Ford Bronco Is In Hiding

It was 20 years ago today that we all stopped what we were doing to watch a white Ford Bronco drive, slowly, around Los Angeles. Out of context it seems absurd, but O.J. Simpson's televised escape, and the subsequent trial, changed how we watch the world. And yet, the most important piece of the chase is gone. Where… »6/17/14 12:09pm6/17/14 12:09pm

O.J. Simpson Didn't Really Get Beaten Silly By A White Supremacist After All

The purported word coming from Nevada's Lovelock Correctional Center today had all the makings of a Rockwellian portrait painted by the would've-been U.S. Rep. Rich Iott of Ohio. Accused murderer and convicted armed-robber Orenthal James Simpson got beaten so badly by a young skinhead in the prison yard that he had… »2/15/11 8:00pm2/15/11 8:00pm