OKCupid Dude Will Not Be Ignored: 'You Self Involved Princess'

Hot new trend: Dudes on dating sites freaking out at you when you don't immediately respond to their entreaties to hang. (If this were a true trend piece, the title would be something like, "Men: Are They the New Women?") » 9/16/14 1:43pm 9/16/14 1:43pm

Guy With Weird Dating Survey Defends His Data Collection Methods

Ladies, Mike Stolar is on the market. He's the (formerly anonymous) guy who asks some dates to fill out a survey. (An unsatisfied date passed the survey along to us last week, and we shared it, with a little backstory.) » 5/21/12 2:45pm 5/21/12 2:45pm

24-Year-Old Finance Guy Asks All His Dates To Complete A Creepy Survey…

Last month, we brought you a finance guy's way-too-detailed spreadsheet of the ladies he met on Match.com. A reader who enjoyed that post then passed along this survey she received from a man she briefly dated in Philadelphia. » 5/16/12 1:05pm 5/16/12 1:05pm