Even The NCAA Says SI's Oklahoma State Story Was Pointless Horsecrap

Hard to believe it was 13 months ago that Sports Illustrated released a five-part behemoth on alleged misdeeds at Oklahoma State and everyone responded with a collective, nationwide "meh." Today, the NCAA and an independent investigator hired by OK State released a joint statement following their own probe, and they… »10/21/14 5:02pm10/21/14 5:02pm


Why SI's Oklahoma State Series Sucked: The Inside Story

On Wednesday, Aug. 28, Sports Illustrated senior writer George Dohrmann placed a phone call to Oklahoma State's public relations office. He said that the magazine was about to publish a series of stories about what he characterized as "disturbing allegations" involving the OSU football program. An in-person meeting… »9/24/13 4:34pm9/24/13 4:34pm

SI managing editor Chris Stone and executive editor Jon Wertheim put a bookend on the magazine's fiv

SI managing editor Chris Stone and executive editor Jon Wertheim put a bookend on the magazine's five-part Oklahoma State investigation, saying at the very end of the series what they should've said at the beginning: "We weren't interested in following what one colleague calls the 'NCAA scandal train.' ... But as… »9/16/13 3:47pm9/16/13 3:47pm

OK State Registrar: Sports Illustrated Still Hasn't Called Us [Update]

Over the last day, one of Sports Illustrated's main sources for the second part of its five-part investigation into Oklahoma State has been under attack. Fath' Carter claimed that he graduated from the university with a degree in education, and, more significantly, that he and former Cowboys running back Tatum Bell… »9/13/13 4:50pm9/13/13 4:50pm

All The Quoted Players Who Are Backing Away From SI's OK State Story

Sports Illustrated is now more than halfway through its big dumb investigation into the Oklahoma State football program. Since the magazine began rolling out its five-part series, many of the former OK State players who were quoted by co-writer Thayer Evans have claimed that they were misquoted in the story. Here's a… »9/12/13 2:54pm9/12/13 2:54pm

Nick Saban Walks Out Of Press Conference Over D.J. Fluker Questions

This Saban presser, on the heels of the Yahoo report that former offensive standout D.J. Fluker was funneling cash into the Alabama program, is a thing of beauty. It's very Belichickian in it's format: boring we-had-a-good-week-of-practice-blah-blah beginning followed by a preemptive statement of nothingness… »9/11/13 7:33pm9/11/13 7:33pm

Infographic: How Should I Feel About The Latest Sports Scandal?

You can't pick up a magazine or turn on the radio these days without hearing about a new scandal in the world of sports. This player's career was a front for a massive interstate drug smuggling operation; that league's games were fixed for the benefit of gamblers; players and owners from that other league were… »9/11/13 6:00pm9/11/13 6:00pm

ESPN's Jason Whitlock Craps On Author Of SI's Oklahoma State Story

Jason Whitlock went on the Oklahoma City Sports Animal radio show today to talk about the first part of Sports Illustrated's five-part investigation into Oklahoma State University. He spent a good chunk of time talking shit about Thayer Evans, a former colleague of Whitlock's and one half of the investigative… »9/10/13 4:23pm9/10/13 4:23pm

Oklahoma State? Pffft. Here's What A Real Sports Scandal Looks Like

If you're a scandal-porn aficionado as I am, you are bound to be left wanting by Sports Illustrated's beyond-exhaustive expose of Oklahoma State football. It's a story that promises, in bold type, lots of shit that I like in a scandal: MONEY (follow the money!), DRUGS (I like drugs!), and SEX (the crucial element of… »9/10/13 3:15pm9/10/13 3:15pm