Kevin Durant Donated $1 Million To Red Cross For Tornado Relief

Earlier today, word got out that Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant had donated $1 million to the United States Red Cross in the wake of yesterday's tornado, which leveled entire neighborhoods and killed at least two dozen in the OKC suburb of Moore, Oklahoma. » 5/21/13 8:33pm 5/21/13 8:33pm

The Grizzlies Are About To Grizz Past The OKC Kevin Durants

Oklahoma City is looking suspiciously like a team that is going to lose a second-round series. Kevin Durant posted 25 points, 11 rebounds, 5 assists and 3 steals, while Serge Ibaka chipped in 13 points, 10 boards and 4 blocks. And still Memphis ground out an 87-81 win for a 2-1 series lead on an afternoon when both… » 5/11/13 8:18pm 5/11/13 8:18pm

A Fun Fact About Domestic Terrorism, Courtesy The Detroit News

The Detroit Pistons are about the embark on a six-game road trip, their longest of the season. In preparation, The Detroit News drew up a snazzy map, and Terry Foster put together some good info about start time, where to eat, what's a cute connection to Michigan, etc. » 11/02/12 5:35pm 11/02/12 5:35pm

Report: OKC Has Traded James Harden To Houston

Everyone's favorite out-of-town NBA team just got approximately 40 percent less cool if Y! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski's reporting is accurate: » 10/27/12 11:17pm 10/27/12 11:17pm

Report: Basketball Hero Skip Bayless Actually Averaged 1.4 Points Per…

About a week ago, we told you about the high school exploits of "starting point guard" Skip Bayless. According to Skip, he started for the team that would eventually lose in the state finals. Turns out, Skip Bayless is a fibber. Or, maybe his coach just had an unconventional way of constructing his lineup. You decide. » 4/09/12 2:49pm 4/09/12 2:49pm

Last Night's Winner: Saying N-O To Lingerie Football In OKC

Sorry Oklahoma City. If you want to watch a bunch of struggling models play a loose simulacrum of football, you'll just have to watch it on TV like everybody nobody else. » 11/12/10 10:20am 11/12/10 10:20am

The Seattle Sonics Could Not Be Saved

Sonics Owner Clay Bennett is a jowly-faced bastard. I'm doing him a favor by calling him that because that’ s probably one of the kinder things he'll be called from now on by heartbroken Seattle residents, who after two years of thinking their beloved 41-year-old franchise would stick around if they lobbied hard… » 7/03/08 2:15pm 7/03/08 2:15pm

Clay Bennett Is Happy To Screw Oklahoma Too

For some reason, we imagined Oklahoma City welcoming Clay Bennett and the Sonics with arms extended, lying prostrate, screaming "thank you" to the heavens. Anytime someone does something to a city as horrible as what Bennett has done to Seattle, there has to be someone who benefits, right? Other than just the owner?… » 4/17/08 1:35pm 4/17/08 1:35pm

Sorry, Seattle: Your Hoops Team Is Gone

So you know Sonics fans were holding out hope that the Kevin Durant acquisition might spur the new ownership group — which hails from Oklahoma City — to keep the team in Seattle? We wouldn't hold your breath on that. » 8/13/07 11:10am 8/13/07 11:10am