Marcus Smart Did The "Right Thing" And Look Where It Got Him

Remember when Marcus Smart was the best story in college basketball? A top-three pick who opted out of a historically weak draft and into a historically loaded one, turning down millions because he wanted to improve and he wanted to win at Oklahoma State, he was Everything Right About the Game. » 3/24/14 3:40pm 3/24/14 3:40pm

Smart Suspended Three Games; TTU Claims Fan Called Him "Piece Of Crap"

Marcus Smart will sit three games as punishment for his shoving a Texas Tech fan last night in Lubbock. The Red Raiders athletic department released the above video, alongside a statement from "superfan" Jeff Orr in which he claims he only called Smart "a piece of crap." » 2/09/14 6:29pm 2/09/14 6:29pm

"Go Back To Africa" Twitter Rumor Becomes Marcus Smart Story Canon

In the overnight hours after Marcus Smart shoved a fan in Lubbock at the end of Saturday's Oklahoma State-Texas Tech game, speculation ran wild about what might have provoked the Cowboys superstar guard to react in such a way. By morning, the narrative had been forged: Red Raiders superfan Jeff Orr told Smart to "go… » 2/09/14 12:25pm 2/09/14 12:25pm

Markel Brown Makes Steal, Unleashes 360 Dunk On West Virginia

We featured Oklahoma State's Markel Brown in these parts a week ago, but here's a more positive highlight. Here's the senior Cowboys wing man executing the turnover on West Virginia today in Stillwater and then bringing a Gallagher-Iba Arena crowd to its feet with a 360 dunk to top it off. » 1/25/14 3:50pm 1/25/14 3:50pm

Kansas And Oklahoma State Need To Be Separated After Thunderous Dunk

Kansas, in the midst of a 13-0 first-half run against the Cowboys, brought Allen Fieldhouse to its feet with this crushing dunk from Tarik Black. The noise might have caused some confusion on the Oklahoma State side because Markel Brown tries to push the ball up the court while Travis Ford called a timeout. Brown… » 1/18/14 5:11pm 1/18/14 5:11pm

Ok. St.'s Final Possession Was Alternatingly Electric And Maddening

For three quarters, the Cotton Bowl was a defensive game. In the fourth quarter, both offensives exploded and began trading touchdowns. The fire inside Gus Johnson that had been contained all night, was slowly rising for what we surely all knew was going to happen. Missouri took a 34-31 lead with three minutes left… » 1/04/14 1:58pm 1/04/14 1:58pm

Why SI's Oklahoma State Series Sucked: The Inside Story

On Wednesday, Aug. 28, Sports Illustrated senior writer George Dohrmann placed a phone call to Oklahoma State's public relations office. He said that the magazine was about to publish a series of stories about what he characterized as "disturbing allegations" involving the OSU football program. An in-person meeting with… » 9/24/13 4:34pm 9/24/13 4:34pm

Here's Some More Bullshit In SI's Big Oklahoma State Exposé

Dr. Duane Gill, the head of Oklahoma State's sociology department, says no one from Sports Illustrated contacted him or anyone in his department about claims made by former safety Fath' Carter in the magazine's fisking of the Cowboys' football program. If they had, they'd have found that one of their key anecdotes—it's … » 9/12/13 4:25pm 9/12/13 4:25pm

All The Quoted Players Who Are Backing Away From SI's OK State Story

Sports Illustrated is now more than halfway through its big dumb investigation into the Oklahoma State football program. Since the magazine began rolling out its five-part series, many of the former OK State players who were quoted by co-writer Thayer Evans have claimed that they were misquoted in the story. Here's a… » 9/12/13 2:54pm 9/12/13 2:54pm

Oklahoma State? Pffft. Here's What A Real Sports Scandal Looks Like

If you're a scandal-porn aficionado as I am, you are bound to be left wanting by Sports Illustrated's beyond-exhaustive expose of Oklahoma State football. It's a story that promises, in bold type, lots of shit that I like in a scandal: MONEY (follow the money!), DRUGS (I like drugs!), and SEX (the crucial element of… » 9/10/13 3:15pm 9/10/13 3:15pm