We Now Have The Will Ferrell Old Milwaukee Super Bowl Ad In HD, Along With More Info About It

This bizarre TV spot for Old Milwaukee beer starring Will Ferrell aired in exactly one TV market last night during the Super Bowl's local ad block at the end of the first half. That market is North Platte, Nebraska, and it's the second-smallest TV market in the country, ranking 209th out of 210. There are 15,180 TV… »2/06/12 5:34pm2/06/12 5:34pm

Here's The Will Ferrell Old Milwaukee Super Bowl Ad That Only Aired In North Platte, Nebraska

Will Ferrell's previously done Old Milwaukee ads local to the Davenport and Terre Haute markets, and tonight he apparently extended that to North Platte, Nebraska. (We believe that's the only market in which this spot aired; we know it didn't air during the local spot break in Omaha, and we don't have access to… »2/05/12 11:51pm2/05/12 11:51pm