Cris Carter, Lame Dad Who Doesn't Know What Dabbing Is, Defines Dabbing

Okay, so we’re now into the third day of talking about Cam Newton dabbin’ on dem folk and this morning on Mike and Mike, Mike Greenberg and Cris Carter discussed what dabbing is. Greenberg, a lame dad, wasn’t familiar with the dance, so he asked Carter. Carter, himself a lame dad, wasn’t familiar with the dance… »11/18/15 12:51pm11/18/15 12:51pm


Brazilian Legends Pelé And Coutinho Are Terrible At (Video Game) Soccer

What do you get when you give maybe the greatest soccer player of all time and his old strike partner a couple controllers, a soccer video game, and point a camera at them? Pretty much the same level of cluelessness if I gave the same tools to my grandpa. But hey, at least they have fun with how much they suck! »12/10/14 2:56pm12/10/14 2:56pm

Old Cubs Fan Makes Great Catch On Home Run, Throws Dummy Ball Back

This old guy made a great play to grab Mark Reynolds's second-inning blast in Chicago. He scaled the fence and leaned almost as far over as possible to snag the ball, much to the delight of the folks around him. And, just like his fellow fan from a month ago, in nearly the exact same spot, he knew he had to throw… »8/11/14 9:16pm8/11/14 9:16pm

Larry Brown Reminds Us That College Basketball Is So Full Of Itself

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban recently said some very smart things about the uselessness of the NCAA, suggesting that the NBA D-League is a viable alternative for developing future NBA players who would only attend one year of college before going pro because of the one-and-done rule. Larry Brown, now the head… »3/06/14 11:27am3/06/14 11:27am

The Texans Got Old Man Ed Reed A Walker For His Birthday

Ed Reed turned 35 yesterday. His new teammates in Houston recognized the occasion by presenting him with a Hall of Fame jacket cake, but free safety Danieal Manning also gave Reed this platinum walker as a gag. Reed has yet to play this season because of a hip injury. No word on whether the Texans billed Medicare for… »9/12/13 2:25pm9/12/13 2:25pm

Bob Ryan's Twitter Account Is An Exercise In Muted Despair

When Peter Gammons sends out one of his patented butt-tweets, it's an occasion for laughter, because old guys who don't understand technology are always funny. But retired Boston Globe columnist Bob Ryan's misuse of the social media platform makes us feel sad. Ryan definitely wants to say something, but he just can't! »7/25/13 12:34pm7/25/13 12:34pm