Football Fan Passes Out, Wakes Up With $900 Uber Bill

An Ole Miss football fan, apparently sorrowfully tired and perhaps a bit blotto after the team's loss to Texas Christian University in the Peach Bowl last week, decided to call Uber, the official car service of Capitalism™, for a ride home from the game. No big deal, except that the game was in Atlanta, and this Ole… »1/05/15 8:58pm1/05/15 8:58pm

LSU's Defense Dominated In Critical Situations This Week

Although Ole Miss quarterback Bo Wallace was shut down through much of Saturday's game against LSU, he had two chances late in the game to lead his team to victory. However, LSU's defense stopped both of Ole Miss' late drives and accounted for two of the most impactful plays of the week, according to data from… »10/28/14 2:39pm10/28/14 2:39pm

Mississippi State Coach Is Not Happy With Marshall Henderson

Did he say "fuck you"? It looks like he said "fuck you." Ole Miss soundly beat intra-state rival Mississippi State by 19 today and Marshall Henderson did what Marshall Henderson does: pissed the shit out of everyone. It looks like he even got under the skin of Miss. St. head coach Rick Ray at the very end of the game,… »1/26/14 12:15am1/26/14 12:15am

Here Are Some Photos Of Marshall Henderson Out Drinking After Yesterday's Win

Marshall Henderson had an exceedingly Marshall Henderson day yesterday. As you probably know by now, he started off Mississippi's upset win over Wisconsin one of 13, a ratio that would shatter the confidence of even the steadiest shooters. Of course, Henderson isn't "steady" so much as "cartoonishly cocksure," like a… »3/23/13 1:22pm3/23/13 1:22pm

Say This For Newly Former Arkansas Head Coach John L. Smith: He Screwed Only Himself, Never The Help

The University of Arkansas will not be renewing the contract of interim coach John L. Smith, the university announced today, confirming what everyone and his sister knew the minute then-No. 8 Arkansas lost in Little Rock to Louisiana-Monroe on Sept. 8. Smith's team cliff-dove out of the polls, then followed that… »11/24/12 2:20pm11/24/12 2:20pm

Peyton Manning On Ole Miss Coaching Job Rumors: "Tell Them I'm 0-10 As An Assistant For Indianapolis”

Ole Miss fired head football coach Houston Nutt last week in the midst of his fourth season with the Rebels. He'll finish out the year in Oxford—his 2-8 squad hosts LSU this Saturday—but the search for his replacement is underway. And just a week in, it's already been suggested that Mississippi hire Peyton Manning,… »11/16/11 5:10pm11/16/11 5:10pm

This Evening: Ole Miss Hat Girl Has Creepy Online Suitors

Your p.m. roundup for Sept. 6, the day we discovered a huge-ass crocodile. Reader Ryan sent the above photo and wrote, "I lost a bill on this game but it was worth it when a camera caught this girl. I found out my future wife is in Oxford but I need your help. Can we get some intel on this young lady?" So let's help… »9/06/11 6:35pm9/06/11 6:35pm