Team USA Wins Basketball Gold, Beats Spain, Gets Mike Krzyzewski To Do Something He's Never Done Before

Gold for the 2012 Dream Team proved to be a bit more elusive than expected, as foul trouble and a pesky Spanish team led to a 107-100 win, one locked up by a clever Chris Paul drive that led to coach Mike Krzyzewski leaping into the air as if he'd just purchased a Toyota. He's stepping down after today to allow… »8/12/12 1:31pm8/12/12 1:31pm


USA Basketball: America Plays The Olympics In God Mode

There is something almost inherently unlikable about Team USA basketball. Our basketball heroes stand at the heart of the American attitude toward international competition—a belief system with a one-line catechism, "Are we winning?" and for which the Olympics is the most ecstatic of holy festivals. Thus NBC focuses… »8/10/12 12:45pm8/10/12 12:45pm

This Was The Only Positive For Nigeria In The Basketball Game They Just Lost To The U.S. By 83 Points

The final was 156-73, and as we watched the end of it here in the Deadspin office, we kept marveling at how Andre Iguodala, James Harden, Deron Williams, and Kevin Love kept chucking three-pointers in the final minutes. It was as if the U.S. would lose if it didn't win by 70. »8/02/12 7:25pm8/02/12 7:25pm

After The Expected Ass-Kicking, A Tunisian Player Had Kobe Bryant Autograph His Shoe

The U.S. overcame a slow start to thrash an unexpectedly tough-playing Tunisian team 110-63, which meant the usual courtesies extended to the losing side of handshakes, hugs, and the occasional picture. Tunisian forward Mohamed Hdidane—who surprised a lot of us with basketball we didn't expect from a Tunisian league… »7/31/12 7:08pm7/31/12 7:08pm

The Tunisian Basketball Coach Slapped The Shit Out Of One Of His Players In The Huddle

As we told you earlier, the Tunisian men's basketball team were 54-point underdogs heading into their preliminary game against Team USA. The stress of facing such daunting odds may have gotten to Tunisia's coach (the bald man at the center of the video above), as he unleashed a vicious slap into the face of one of… »7/31/12 6:35pm7/31/12 6:35pm