London Olympic Mascot Photoshop Contest: Fin.

A hundred entries later, and we have a winner. Congratulations Ryan, you win Doug Glanville's book. To the rest of you, you never cease to amaze us. And keep those submissions coming; we'll continue to add them to the gallery. » 5/21/10 2:45pm 5/21/10 2:45pm

A Roundup Of London Olympic Mascot Photoshop Fun (UPDATES!)

You people are clearly talented, and clearly bored. Our contest will continue through tomorrow, and we'll keep adding new submissions until then, but here's a look at the early competition. (UPDATE: We have a winner!) » 5/20/10 3:45pm 5/20/10 3:45pm

Presenting The London Olympic Mascots Photoshop Contest

The twin horrors of London 2012 are oh so exploitable. To that end, we're calling for your photoshopped submissions. Fabulous prizes abound! » 5/20/10 1:30pm 5/20/10 1:30pm

London Olympic Mascots Are Revealed, Monstrous

Wenlock and Mandeville, their cyclopean eyes representing England's Big Brother police state, were unveiled today. You might as well just sacrifice your firstborn now and get it over with. [Telegraph] » 5/19/10 2:20pm 5/19/10 2:20pm