Report: Bob Costas' Olympic Eye Infection Was From Botched Botox

If you were a TV host with a huge gig on the horizon — the ding dang Olympics — you might make an appointment to get a little freshen up with the cosmetic surgeon. Who could blame you? You want to look your best when the whole world is watching. But what if something went wrong and your eyes got red and your vision got … » 3/07/14 11:18am 3/07/14 11:18am

Is Time For Give NFL, NBA, MLB, And NHL Medals, Olympic-Style

Even though our gaze has drifted back home after being fixed out in Sochi for so long, we still have Olympics on the brain. Yes, that means we're still making "Is Time For" jokes in bad Russian accents, but it also got us thinking: what would it look like if we awarded medals instead of trophies in team sports? » 2/24/14 5:04pm 2/24/14 5:04pm

What Happened to U.S. Women's Figure Skating?

Another Olympic figure skating competition has ended and the main controversy seems to be trying to figure out whether the Russians rigged the competition in favor of 17-year-old Adelina Sotnikova. (Good luck proving that with anonymous score sheets.) But lost in all the commotion is the fact that the U.S. women's team … » 2/22/14 1:46pm 2/22/14 1:46pm

How BMW Finally Built An Olympic Contender (That Isn't A Car)

The American two-man bobsled team didn't do so hot on the track at the last Winter Olympics. While the four-person crew took home the gold medal, the shorter sled only came in sixth. And one reason was because their sled was nearly two decades old. » 2/15/14 3:05pm 2/15/14 3:05pm

Russian Skier Breaks, Dislocates Spine in Olympic Training

The Winter Olympics are fun and spectacular, but they also feature hundreds of people launching themselves very high in the air or riding down mountains at many, many miles per hour. Injuries — deaths — do happen, including a severe one today. » 2/15/14 12:22pm 2/15/14 12:22pm

This Is the "Next-Level" Tinder the Olympic Athletes Are All On

Just because you're warm, indoors, and out of shape, doesn't mean you have to miss out on the best social networking fuckfest of the olympiad: here's what it looks like to browse Tinder at the athletic sex-romp of the year. » 2/14/14 4:21pm 2/14/14 4:21pm

Sage Kotsenburg Isn't the Lochte We Want. He's the Lochte We Deserve.

The 70's had Mark Spitz, the 80's had Bruce Jenner and Carl Lewis, the 90's had Alberto Tomba, the 2000's had the Australian swim team and Apolo Ohno, and in 2012, the Olympic gods blessed us with Ryan Lochte. But pickings for the Sochi Games' Unofficial Sexy Male Olympian are decidedly more meh. In a post-Lochte era,… » 2/12/14 2:18pm 2/12/14 2:18pm

Female Athletes Say Tinder Use at The Olympic Village Is "Next Level"

Jamie Anderson, the 23-year-old American snowboarder, tells US Weekly that she and her fellow female athletes spend their down time in Sochi on one app in particular: » 2/12/14 12:48pm 2/12/14 12:48pm

A Hater's Guide to Olympic Curling: Sochi 2014

[Back in December, I wrote a Hater's Guide to the Roar of the Rings Team Canada qualification tournament. It was an unexpected hit! People who didn't give a shit about curling actually read the whole thing, and pretty much everyone in the curling community shared it, read it, or called me an asshole. One Rachel Homan… » 2/11/14 4:02pm 2/11/14 4:02pm

Is Johnny Weir's Outfit Today a Tribute to Bob Costas' Pinkeye?

Figure skater and NBC commentator Johnny Weir enters his fourth straight day of Olympic sartorial heroism with what can only be a tribute to the games' most important story, lead announcer Bob Costas' conjunctivitis. » 2/11/14 12:41pm 2/11/14 12:41pm

Here's Everything Else NBC Edited Out Of The Opening Ceremony Broadcast

NBC promised to show yesterday's Olympic Winter Games opening ceremony events from Sochi "as they happened." That obviously wasn't true, though compared to the network's butchering of London's closing ceremony two years ago NBC managed to keep most of the substance. Viewers in the U.S. saw 91% of the opening ceremony,… » 2/08/14 11:07am 2/08/14 11:07am

NBC Edits Out IOC Anti-Discrimination Statement From Opening Ceremony

Russia's anti-gay laws have been a major focus in the lead-up to the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, and during his address at today's opening ceremony IOC president Thomas Bach made a strong statement against "any form of discrimination" and in favor of tolerance. Viewers worldwide heard the statement; NBC viewers in the … » 2/07/14 11:34pm 2/07/14 11:34pm

Motel For Stray Dogs Near Sochi Has Roughly 100 Occupants

The majority of news regarding the stray dogs roaming around Sochi has been dismal. A company was hired to cull them, but it hasn't done that well, and now these dogs are just chilling everywhere as the Olympics start. Not exactly the most uplifting situation. But there's refuge for some of them! » 2/06/14 8:14pm 2/06/14 8:14pm

Olympics and PEDs: Meet the New War on Drugs, Same as the Old War on…


» 2/06/14 1:40pm 2/06/14 1:40pm

The overlords of the world's anti-doping movement really want you to focus on Lance Armstrong. He's as unsympathetic a character as Barry Bonds, with his bullying, posturing and all-around ass-holery. So since they worked hand-in-glove with federal agents to expose Armstrong's doping operation, and cornered him into » 2/06/14 1:40pm 2/06/14 1:40pm

The Hater's Guide To The Sochi Olympics

Greetings, comrade! And welcome to the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia! Thank God that Vladimir Putin has restored Russia to its rightful place as America's enemy and foil. (Russia: We Don't Even Pretend We're A Democracy Anymore!™) Russians are white and live inside a distinct national border and you can… » 2/06/14 1:18pm 2/06/14 1:18pm