Here Is The Goal That Knocked Gold Medal Favorite Spain Out Of The London Olympics

On July 1 of this year, Spain drubbed Italy 4-0 to win Euro 2012 and many were talking about the team being the best ever. Less than a month later, this goal from Honduras—less than 10 minutes into the match—eliminated Spain from the Olympics. They will return home after group play concludes on Wednesday. »7/29/12 5:40pm7/29/12 5:40pm


Hope Solo Slams Brandi Chastain For Disparaging Remarks

Brandi Chastain had some words for the U.S. Women's soccer team that did not sit well with goal keeper Hope Solo. Chastain criticized defender Rachel Buehler for giving the ball away, noting it was something Buehler would have to work on. Not too incendiary, but following the women's 3-0 victory over Colombia, Solo… »7/28/12 4:07pm7/28/12 4:07pm