Omaha! Here's your guide to Peyton Manning's favorite Nebraska city

Omaha! It's a city Peyton Manning will "mention" at least a couple dozen times this Super Bowl Sunday. While he has visited Omaha, he's pretty busy this week so we've taken the liberty of creating the Peyton Manning Guide to Omaha for him. Here's the Roadtrippers Guide to Omaha... » 1/29/14 2:24pm 1/29/14 2:24pm

There Was An Entire Team Of Idiots On The Field At The College World Series Last Night

Arizona ended South Carolina's streak of College World Series championships with a 4-1 win last night in a game interrupted yet again by Idiots On The Field. It's the third time this CWS that there's been such a field invasion, and a team effort: an alleged seven fans ran out of the seats at once. » 6/26/12 12:15pm 6/26/12 12:15pm