Venezuelan MLB Players Spend More Time Worrying About Being Kidnapped Than Most Professional Athletes

Becoming a professional baseball player should mean you're pretty much set, right? Forget the odds that a fringe (or star) professional athlete will go broke before he's a certain age—if you spend much of your twenties and thirties making millions or near millions of dollars for playing a game, you've made it in at… »12/30/12 2:15pm12/30/12 2:15pm

The Marlins Finally Hit A Home Run In Miami, And So We Got To See Their "Sculpture" In Action

It took a few weeks, but the Miami Marlins finally have a home run in their new ballpark (thanks to Omar Infante in the first inning of today's game against Houston) which means we've gotten our first glimpse at that wonderful center field structure in action... and now we've seen it. Back to work, everyone. [Fox… »4/15/12 1:48pm4/15/12 1:48pm