Josh Elliott Reveals What Makes A Giant Man With Uncooperative Hair Get…

ESPN's resident morning sports centrist, blog buzzologist, speaks candidly about sports media, some of his colleagues in Bristol, and even the odd fascination with Hannah Storm's wardrobe. [On The DL] » 5/01/09 5:25pm 5/01/09 5:25pm

Tony Kornheiser Talks About His Future At ESPN

"I don't make enough money that they have to worry about getting rid of me. They can do it if they want to. I hope they choose to retain me." [HappyBirthdayDanLevy] » 2/11/09 1:45pm 2/11/09 1:45pm

It's Fun When Baseball Players Type

The great minds and pure souls at On The DL only update once a week or so, but when they do, you can pretty much guarantee it will be a doozy. Today's post unveils a secret computer IM conversation between a major league player and one of his "fans", and it's a little dirtier than even we like to get into around these… » 1/25/06 4:45pm 1/25/06 4:45pm

Kenny Rogers' Special Friend

Our old, dear friends at On The DL — whom will always be our best friends, because they've been nice to us from the beginning — have uncovered some excellent photos of new Tigers pitcher Kenny Rogers out on the town with a lady who does not particularly resemble Mrs. Rogers. The photos — there's another one, from a… » 12/29/05 4:45pm 12/29/05 4:45pm