Burger King Sued Over Fed-Up Stabbin'-Ass Manager

Cold onion rings. A peeved customer. A murderous knife-wielding manager. I swear, if you've been to one Burger King, you've been to 'em all. Except you probably haven't been to any of them, since nobody goes to Burger King. Nobody, that is, but Robert Deyapp, who got beat up by a store employee for it. »10/10/14 3:47pm10/10/14 3:47pm


Watch Andruw Jones Get Hit With A Bunch Of Onion Rings

Sweet justice for all those Braves and Dodgers fans who watched Jones pork up while on big contracts. And Jones says, "Sweet justice? I wanted sweet relish!" Twins win, 5-4, in extras, after Rafael Soriano and co. offered the first of many delightful late-inning implosions to come this season. [Video via Mocksession] »4/05/11 11:30pm4/05/11 11:30pm