Beer Of The Week: Big Rock Brewery's Honey Brown Lager

This weekend the Canadian Football League season culminates with a game called the Grey Cup, in its 100th incarnation. A team called the Stampeders, out of Calgary, is visiting Toronto to play the Argonauts. In rough American equivalence this is Dallas against New York, a big game with a dose of civic grudge match.… »11/24/12 6:59pm11/24/12 6:59pm


Jack The Ripper Spoiled The Unveiling Of Canada's Newest Baseball Team, The London Rippers

The group behind London, Ontario's newest pro baseball team, the Rippers, claims not to have had one of the most infamous serial killers in mind when they chose the name and designed the logo seen here. London, Ontario's "Ripper" is a man hiding behind a cape, wearing a top hat, and wielding a baseball bat, and he… »11/17/11 1:45pm11/17/11 1:45pm