Twitter Prankster Fools Sky Sports Into Reading Made Up Facts About Team From Gibraltar

Yesterday afternoon, Celtic lost a 1-0 stunner in Champions League qualifying to the Lincoln Red Imps, who are a semi-professional team from Gibraltar. A police officer scored the lone goal, and Celtic now have to win at home to avoid getting bounced by the best team from a country of 30,000.


Pro Cyclist Crashes Spectacularly Into Snowbank, Costs Himself Biggest Race Of His Life

Steven Kruijswijk took a three minute lead into the the final weekend of the Giro d’Italia—the second-biggest stage race in the world after the Tour de France—which looked like a fairly safe lead over Colombian sparkplug Esteban Chaves and mopey Sicilian Vincenzo Nibali (another minute and a half behind Chaves). Both…

God Save The Pop Singer Hired To Perform FA Cup Final National Anthem And Didn't

British pop singer Karen Harding had one job before today’s FA Cup Final at Wembley: to sing “God Save The Queen.” It didn’t work out so well for her—having missed her cue, she stood silently for most of the anthem before finally chiming in for the final few words. At least those are the most important, right?