Your Netherlands-Costa Rica Open Thread

Here it is, the quarterfinal match-up that looked the most predictable going in, which probably means Costa Rica breeze past the Netherlands into the next round, 3-0. Either way, talk about it here. » 7/05/14 3:57pm 7/05/14 3:57pm

Your Croatia-Mexico and Cameroon-Brazil Open Thread

A lot's at stake here, and if I were that Brazil fan, I'd think twice before rubbing Cameroon's nose in it before they end up ruining the party. » 6/23/14 3:57pm 6/23/14 3:57pm

Your Netherlands-Chile And Australia-Spain Open Thread

It's getting kind of hectic starting today, with four games a day, two at a time for the rest of the group stage. Thanks, Germany. Here's your place to talk about the early games. » 6/23/14 11:56am 6/23/14 11:56am

Your Italy-Costa Rica Open Thread

We start off the day with Italy and Costa Rica. Everyone is still alive in this group, though the result of this match could change that. We shall see. » 6/20/14 11:59am 6/20/14 11:59am

Your Germany-Portugal Open Thread

The first match of the day has a couple heavyweights in Germany vs. Portugal. Let's talk about what would be the best outcome for the USMNT and try to predict Ronaldo's exact excuse should he fail to score in the discussion section below. » 6/16/14 12:03pm 6/16/14 12:03pm