Tell Us About The Worst Thing You Ever Ate On Purpose

I want to be able to tell you that the worst thing I ever ate was, like, a wriggling cupful of live centipedes or a bucket of sand or, like, my own tongue: Something genuinely, universally unenjoyable and downright objectionable, which only the very most diseased psychotic person or most committed pretentious foodie… »6/24/13 1:46pm6/24/13 1:46pm

Your Marquette-Syracuse Open Thread [UPDATE: Now it's a Wichita State-Ohio State Open Thread]

If you're watching at home, feel free to participate however you want—we put a big yelling Baye Keita Cleanthony Early picture up there in case you'd rather annotate something, or just yak about whatever in the discussion—and enjoy this last and pleasantly coincidental gasp of the Big East as we know it, in an arena… »3/30/13 4:35pm3/30/13 4:35pm

Your Open Thread For The USA-Sweden World Juniors Final, Which We Think Is Going On Right Now

What a country we have here! The Americans stumbled a bit in the early rounds of the 2013 world junior hockey championship—they went 2-2, with losses to Canada and Russia—but they're in the final nonetheless. (Canada and Russia, you'll notice, are in the consolation game. USA! USA! USA!) If you want to know how they… »1/05/13 8:00am1/05/13 8:00am

Saturday Night Football Open Thread: Drunk Off Eggnog Edition

There's football tonight! No, no—not Tivo'd Las Vegas Bowl, though that was a good game—NFL football, where they wear pads and get paid. Watch it with us, talk trash about the family members you see once every year on Christmas (*cough*), count the many times Jon Gruden refers to Matt Ryan as "this guy" or tries to… »12/22/12 8:20pm12/22/12 8:20pm

Your College Football (And Conference Championships) Open Thread

This is the place if you wanna yak about any of the conference championship games or any of the final-week-of-the-regular-season games in leagues wherein the NCAA's byzantine rules prohibit a title game. Something to ponder: the NCAA mandates that leagues only schedule championship games when they have 12 teams or… »12/01/12 11:45am12/01/12 11:45am

World Series Open Thread: The On-In-The-Background-At-A-Halloween-Party Classic

That's what they'll call this one, one day, when everyone tells their grandkids about it. Detroit needs to win to make it a series, so everyone who enjoys baseball and isn't a Giants fan cross your candy-coated fingers for that. Picture of one of the worst baseball jerseys of all time courtesy of Carlos. Thanks,… »10/27/12 7:58pm10/27/12 7:58pm