The London Olympics Opening Ceremony In 30 Seconds

Don't let NBC insult your intelligence by showing you a three-plus hour-long tape-delayed version of today's opening ceremony. Here's all the best parts, shrunk down to take up just 30 seconds of your time. [BBC] » 7/27/12 7:53pm 7/27/12 7:53pm

Gigantic AT&T Logo Of Doom Rings In Olympic Games

Look, coming out of the floor ... it's the Death Star! Aiieee! It all began in Nov., 2005, when China rolled out its nightmare-inducing Olympic mascots » 8/08/08 1:29pm 8/08/08 1:29pm, which may or may not include a two-footed goat. And now it culminates in an orgasm of pomp, color and spectacle — like Walt Disney throwing up, as some comedian…