Jerry Sandusky's Adopted Son Reveals Horrifying Sexual Abuse Details

As promised, Oprah Winfrey's sit-down interview with Matthew Sandusky, the adopted son of convicted child predator and former Penn State University assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky, was brutally explicit. In the Oprah Prime clip above, Matthew recounts the abuse in detail, as well as his resulting shame. In… » 7/18/14 9:17am 7/18/14 9:17am

Michael Sam Is Doing A Reality Show, And That Sucks

So Michael Sam has a reality show now, and I'm just gonna go ahead and align myself with the HOT TAKES crowd and say that Sam just pissed away a whole lot of the goodwill he'd built up for himself these past few months. They can class up the announcement all they like. They can call it a "documentary" series even… » 5/15/14 2:56pm 5/15/14 2:56pm

History As Pop As Camp: The Butler, Reviewed.

1. Lee Daniels is a total lunatic of a director, a man who knows nothing of restraint, decorum or moderation. Sometimes this works for him; his Precious was lurid and garish and melodramatic in a way that fit the material, making the protagonist's sufferings feel both pulpy and weirdly real. Mostly, though, it… » 8/13/13 11:55am 8/13/13 11:55am

Lance Armstrong Admits To Doping. Did Oprah Make Him Cry?

Congrats, AP—big fucking scoop, for those of us who have been on the ISS this past week. In his interview with Oprah Winfrey taped today (it'll air Thursday and be two hours long and on a channel no one gets), Armstrong confessed to using performance enhancing drugs. This gets a "breaking" from the AP even though, duh. » 1/14/13 7:25pm 1/14/13 7:25pm

Oprah Winfrey Gets The Next Chance At Asking Lance Armstrong If He…

News surfaced last week that Lance Armstrong was sorta kinda getting itchy to come clean on certain PED-related matters, and now it seems that Oprah Winfrey will get the next crack at letting the ex-seven-time Tour de France winner admit, well, anything he might feel compelled to admit. And on the off-chance you don't… » 1/08/13 7:40pm 1/08/13 7:40pm

The NBA Playoffs Are Less Important Than Hockey, Oprah

One of the underrated subplots of the playoffs is when non-sports events get scheduled for our nation's arenas, and the conflicts it causes when a team goes deep. We've had two notable instances of it already, with the Lightning and Bulls running up against two of the most powerful forces in entertainment: Disney and… » 5/12/11 12:00pm 5/12/11 12:00pm