Woman Who Protested Oregon Accessing Rape Victim's Records: I'm Fired 

A woman who spoke out against the University of Oregon after it accessed the counseling records of a student who said she was raped by several basketball players has been let go, according to an email she sent to colleagues today. In the email, which was first obtained by the Register-Guard, Karen Stokes said her… » 3/26/15 6:27pm Thursday 6:27pm

1931 Op-Ed Eviscerates "Hypocrisy ... Utter Cowardice" Of College Sports

It's heartening to realize that the general sentiment toward the scam that is collegiate amateurism seems to have come around to the Death To The NCAA worldview. What's gone unappreciated, though, is just how long the fight to expose the fraudulent governance of amateur sports has been going on. The concept of… » 3/26/15 1:16pm 3/26/15 1:16pm

Joe Young Hits Buzzer-Beater To Knock Off Utah

Pac-12 Player of the Year Joe Young hit a long-range three-pointer with one second remaining to lead his Oregon Ducks to a 67-64 win over 17th-ranked Utah in the Pac-12 tournament semi-finals. » 3/14/15 2:00am 3/14/15 2:00am

Oregon: We Have The Right To Access A Rape Victim's Medical Records 

The University of Oregon is being sued by a student who claims that after she was raped by three basketball players, the school tailored and delayed their discipline so the men could play in the NCAA tournament. Those allegations alone sound horrible (Oregon denies them), but they've taken a disturbing twist: the… » 3/03/15 5:17pm 3/03/15 5:17pm

Oregon Fan Gets Ohio State Tattoo To Settle Bet; Looks Sad About It

I want to call this dude a poor, unlucky bastard, but he didn't have to go and make that bet. Maintained his honor, though: » 1/21/15 4:15pm 1/21/15 4:15pm

Let's Look At All The Shitheads Who Thought A Playoff Was A Bad Idea

We'll start with the obvious, which is that the college football playoff was fucking awesome and I am happy that it finally exists. It returned meaningful football games to New Year's Day, which I had missed dearly. It amplified the importance of regular season games, rather than diluting them. It ginned up the… » 1/13/15 11:12am 1/13/15 11:12am

Oregon's Mascot Got A Lil' Freaky Last Night

This is Puddles, the cuddly mascot of the Oregon Ducks, getting kinda nasty and baring its, uh, breasts(?) for some fans at last night's national championship game. » 1/13/15 10:11am 1/13/15 10:11am

OSU Shuts Down Oregon's Offense To Win The National Championship

62. 46. 48. 38. 24. 42. 45. 59. 45. 51. 44. 47. 51. 59. 20. That's how many points Oregon scored each game this season. » 1/13/15 1:19am 1/13/15 1:19am

Watch Oregon, Ohio State Fans React In Real Time To The 70-Yard TD Play

Here's how Oregon & Ohio State fans reacted live on ESPN's Student Section broadcast to the 70-yard Mariota-to-Marshall touchdown pass. » 1/12/15 11:02pm 1/12/15 11:02pm

Why Ohio State Is A Sneaky-Bad Match-up For Oregon

Oregon looks like a clear favorite over Ohio State in the college football championship game. The markets opened with Oregon as a 7 point favorite, which implies a 70 percent win probability. The predicted margin of victory is even higher with my team rankings based on margin of victory at The Power Rank. That's… » 1/12/15 4:59pm 1/12/15 4:59pm

Report: Oregon WR Darren Carrington Fails Drug Test, Misses Title Game

Oregon redshirt freshman wide receiver Darren Carrington, one of the team's leading wideouts who caught seven passes for 165 yards and two touchdowns in their destruction of Florida State in the Rose Bowl—didn't travel with the team to Texas yesterday for Monday night's national championship game. This morning Oregon… » 1/10/15 10:55am 1/10/15 10:55am

StubHub Dicks Another Guy Out Of Cheap Championship Tickets

If there's one thing you can almost guarantee any time a big sports contest is coming up, it's that some version of this story will play out: Man finds astoundingly cheap tickets for upcoming big sports contest on StubHub; man pounces on shockingly good deal; StubHub realizes that the tickets were meant to be much… » 1/07/15 11:55am 1/07/15 11:55am

Oregon's New Uniforms Are Sewn Together With Lies

The uniforms that the Oregon Ducks are going to wear in the national championship are not only bad and boring, they were created by liars. » 1/05/15 1:16pm 1/05/15 1:16pm

Oregon's Championship Game Uniforms Are Pretty Disappointing

The Ducks toned down their uniforms for their national championship against Ohio State, and the results are plain boring. The school colors, green and yellow, are just totally absent. Weak. » 1/05/15 12:08pm 1/05/15 12:08pm

Oregon, Ohio Mayor: Name Won't Change For College Football Championship

You might have heard that the city of Oregon, Ohio will change its name for the Jan. 12 college football national championship game between the Oregon Ducks and Ohio State Buckeyes. That's not actually going to happen, according to Oregon's mayor. » 1/04/15 7:21pm 1/04/15 7:21pm

Sick SEC Burn, Danny Kanell

OK, maybe Seminoles alum and ESPN analyst Danny Kanell has been stanning for FSU long enough and hard enough that everything he has to say should be discounted—he's certainly catching enough crap for it. But what is college football for if not reveling in the misery of others to make yourself feel better? » 1/02/15 10:35am 1/02/15 10:35am

Oregon's Blowout Rose Bowl Win Over FSU As Called By "J.R." Jim Ross

Oregon Players Taunt Jameis Winston With "No Means No" Tomahawk Chop

Oregon mollywhopped Florida State by 39 to advance to the college football championship game, and while accepting the Rose Bowl trophy they decided to rub it in a little. Take one part rape allegations and one part ubiquitous chant, and you have this Vine of Oregon players taunting Jameis Winston and FSU with a "no… » 1/01/15 9:56pm 1/01/15 9:56pm