Boxer Orlando Cruz Wins First Fight After Coming Out As Gay

Well this is the feel-good story of the day. The boxer Orlando Cruz announced two weeks ago that he is gay, likely becoming the first boxer to do so during his career. And on Friday, Cruz, the WBO's fourth-ranked featherweight, successfully beat the shit out of Jorge Pazos, winning a unanimous decision. After two… »10/20/12 5:53pm10/20/12 5:53pm

We Now Have A Gay Athlete Who Can Beat The Hell Out Anyone Who Has A Problem With It

Well, Megan Rapinoe could probably beat up your average bigot, but the roster of gay men in sports had been lacking anyone actively participating in a sport and, therefore, anyone who might put the lie to the homophobe's treasured notion that gay people are unathletic or unfit for competition. Kevin McClatchey, Rick… »10/06/12 11:15am10/06/12 11:15am