Chelsea Players Starting To Rebel Against José Mourinho

It was inevitable that Chelsea’s astoundingly poor performances and results so far this season would lead to some level of internal strife inside the club. We now have confirmation of this, with sources in the team describing a rift between the players and José Mourinho to two different papers. »10/01/15 1:48pm10/01/15 1:48pm


Oscar's Long-Range Volley Gave Chelsea A Halftime Lead

Brazilian wunderkind Oscar is off to a fantastic start for Chelsea, leading the Blues with extraordinary goals in UEFA Champions League play. We featured one of them a few weeks ago, but we're also impressed with his goal today against Shakhtar Dontesk. Sure, keeper Andriy Pyatov is mostly to blame—his mistake let… »11/07/12 3:53pm11/07/12 3:53pm

Oscar Put Chelsea Up 2-0 On Juventus With One Of The Most Marvelous Goals You'll See From Anyone, Anywhere

Chelsea won a massive bidding war for 21-year-old Brazilian star Oscar this summer, luring the midfielder away from Internacional for £25 million. It's proving to be a smart purchase, as his two early goals have put the Blues up 2-1 at the half on Juventus in their UEFA Champions League bout today at Stamford Bridge.… »9/19/12 3:35pm9/19/12 3:35pm