Athletics South Africa Begs, Pleads For Mercy

No two ways about it, the governing body of track and field in South Africa has made itself into one big international boob. Nothing new there. But a recent lawsuit by a former athlete is threatening to take it to the cleaners, and Athletics South Africa, the country's governing body of sport, is begging the… »9/20/14 10:19am9/20/14 10:19am

What the Hell Just Happened to Oscar Pistorius? An Explainer

This morning we woke up to the news that Oscar Pistorius had been acquitted of murder charges in the death of Reeva Steenkamp. That, at least, was how the headlines played it. The reality is slightly more complicated. Join me below, as I explain things to the angry-feminist voice in my head. »9/11/14 1:04pm9/11/14 1:04pm

South African Cops Stole $10K Watch From Oscar Pistorius Crime Scene

Friday, during the ongoing trial of Oscar Pistorius, a former police colonel named G.S. van Rensburg took the stand to explain what happened once he arrived on the scene. During his testimony, he also noted that Pistorius's house had so many valuables that he worried police would steal something, and it turns out,… »3/14/14 12:10pm3/14/14 12:10pm

Oscar Pistorius's Bathroom Door Makes A Court Appearance

The eighth day of Oscar Pistorius's murder trial featured a reenactment of the moments following the shooting of Reeva Steenkamp, when Pistorius said he tried to break down the bathroom door to get to her. At issue was a key part of Pistorius's testimony—his claim that he strapped on his prosthetics before attempting… »3/12/14 11:23am3/12/14 11:23am