Osi Umenyiora Falls Just Shy Of Goal To Get Lawrence Taylor His Super Bowl Ring Back

Lawrence Taylor's son went ahead and auctioned off his father's 1991 Super Bowl ring last night and when all the numbers were tallied, it went for a cool $230,401.20. Further details of the transaction, including who made the winning bid, were not released. But we do know that it was not Osi. »5/20/12 6:53pm5/20/12 6:53pm

Twitter Aficionado Osi Umenyiora Promises To Buy Lawrence Taylor's Super Bowl Ring If He Gets One Million Followers

This Osi Umenyiora guy is a weird cat. A week after calling LeSean McCoy a woman on twitter as an insult, he is now pledging to buy Lawrence Taylor's 1991 Super Bowl ring that is currently being auctioned off, but only if he gets one million followers. Initially he said the millionth follower would get to give theā€¦ »5/19/12 4:45pm5/19/12 4:45pm