This Week In Weird Foreign Sports

We tend to find European sports terminology hilarious, mainly because it points to how equally absurd American sports terminology is. So here's a look at the big news of the week in odd, confusing sports in other lands, with our translation.

» 7/29/05 3:47pm 7/29/05 3:47pm

Naked Cricket Chicks And Cricket Dudes

If you're the type of person who plays virtual cricket on your PlayStation2 — and, of course, you totally are — you were this close to having yourself quite a treat. The game version of Brian Lara International Cricket — we don't know who Brian Lara is either — was to feature a nude streaker based on model Lauren Pope » 7/27/05 1:07pm 7/27/05 1:07pm

We're Not Gonna Make A Joke ... We're Not Gonna Make A Joke ...

Italy won the Homeless World Cup yesterday. Good for them. (Ahem.) A proud victory. (Cough.) They've done their country proud. (Er, yes.) No reason for any other comment. » 7/25/05 1:01pm 7/25/05 1:01pm

This Week In Weird Foreign Sports

We tend to find European sports terminology hilarious, mainly because it points to how equally absurd American sports terminology is. We all might know what "a blooper to shallow left" means, but to anyone not intimately familiar with baseball terminology, that's just nonsensical babbling. So here's a look at the big… » 7/08/05 5:26pm 7/08/05 5:26pm

John Kerry's Worst Nightmare

If you're hanging around East Dublin, Georgia, this weekend — and if you are, be careful of all those disputes with the Irish Republican Army — you would be remiss not to drop by the 10th annual Summer Redneck Games. (We find it infinitely amusing that the event organizers have a Tripod site. We're almost surprised… » 7/06/05 12:08pm 7/06/05 12:08pm

Cricket Star Not Well-Endowed, Kind of Chubby

Warne, whom the British tabloids have been tracking for years, is being divorced by his wife after he was nailed for cheating on his her for the umpteenth time. This in itself is not necessarily newsworthy; athletes, we hear, are known to sleep around a bit, maybe, not sure. But the story here is pretty amazing. » 6/27/05 3:08pm 6/27/05 3:08pm

Old Japanese Man Moves 100 Meters Without Dying

Personally, we had no idea they kept world records for different age groups. If you have to give an all-time record a qualifier, it's not really an all-time record anymore, now is it? We mean, hey, we own the best time in leaping from couch to rapidly burning pizza in stove by someone aged in their late 20s and from… » 6/21/05 10:57am 6/21/05 10:57am

Come See The Silly Sports!

We are but a month away from The World Games. What are The World Games, you ask? They're essentially a yearly audition for the Olympics by all the goofy sports that really would like to make it to the real games. » 5/31/05 12:10pm 5/31/05 12:10pm

Kwan Excited About Choking Again

We don't pay much attention to figure skating — obviously — but we have always been amused and befuddled by the intense popularity of Michelle Kwan. (We once knew a grown woman who had pictures of her all over her wall. She was a sensitive sort.) Yesterday, Kwan announced that she will participate in the 2006 Olympics » 5/27/05 10:51am 5/27/05 10:51am

Butterfly Chasers

Currently chatting on's SportsNation: Lacrosse announcer Quint Kessenich. We know nothing about lacrosse, but we happily refer you to Associate Editor Rick Chandler's lacrosse musings on The Black Table: » 5/26/05 12:37pm 5/26/05 12:37pm

The Mustache Is The Most Thing Normal About Them

We don't know whether or not this is offically classified as a "sport" or not, but SportsFilter directs us to the preliminaries of the World Beard and Mustache Championship. The real finals are in October, but the training goes on year round. (Weird soldier outfit is optional.) Interestingly enough, fifth place last… » 5/23/05 10:16am 5/23/05 10:16am

Always Bet On Red

We love it when academics get bored. According to a couple of "British anthropologists," teams and athletes that wear the color red are more likely to be successful. "Across a range of sports, we find that wearing red is consistently associated with a higher probability of winning," says one of the yawning grad… » 5/19/05 9:50am 5/19/05 9:50am