Deadspin Nature Moment: Right Now, There Is A Hawk Hunting Rats…

Craggs came back in and said there was a hawk outside, looking at the rats. He was flustered, because Craggs does not do well with nature. People followed him out onto the fire escape and there it was, perched on the fire escape of the Bowery House hotel behind our building, right beside a mop hung up to dry: a… » 1/08/13 5:00pm 1/08/13 5:00pm

Former ESPN Outdoors Producer: "Most Of The People I've Met From The NRA …

For several years I worked for the now defunct and on a number of ESPN Outdoors TV shows. A couple of times a year the website would cover these massive annual trade shows that affected hunting, and we'd descend on giant convention center halls in Orlando and Las Vegas that were packed with camo and… » 12/15/12 7:00pm 12/15/12 7:00pm

Here's A Video About Hunting Mork Encino With A Pellet Pistol

Spoiler Alert: Mork "Hunting Bait" Encino survives this segment about his whole "you can hunt me for $10K (or $12K if you want me naked)" schtick. How can I be sure? Because he sent a private Twitter message this week about his talks to appear on the George Lopez Tonight show in the days before the George Lopez Tonight… » 8/13/11 7:15pm 8/13/11 7:15pm

If They've Named It 'The Cage Of Death,' You Know It's Safe

There are many times in life when you're justified in saying 'I'm not getting in there.' The Raiders' Black Hole immediately comes to mind, as do the restrooms at Ralph Wilson Stadium. And I've also pretty much made it a rule never to allow myself to be submerged amongst enormous, hungry crocodiles; call me a… » 11/07/08 12:00pm 11/07/08 12:00pm

Fox Attack Victim Courageously Steps Forward With Harrowing Tale Of…

The identity of the Prescott, Ariz. fox attack victim has finally been revealed. Here is Michelle Felicetta, who agreed to step forward today so that her harrowing tale might serve as a warning to others who travel in fox-infested areas. We caution you that the details of her ordeal are not for the squeamish, and that… » 11/06/08 5:30pm 11/06/08 5:30pm

Another Typical Day At The Fox-Attached-To-Your-Arm 2K Run

Well, there goes my idea for a children's book. A Prescott, Arizona jogger ran a mile with a rabid fox clamped to her arm, then tossed the animal into her car trunk before driving to the hospital, authorities said. The woman, whose name was not released, is receiving rabies vaccinations. As is the fox. And suddenly, a… » 11/06/08 12:30pm 11/06/08 12:30pm

And Suddenly That Giant Hog Story Looks So Unimpressive

We like bears. As Robert Klein once said, they are the most helpful of all the animals. "If you have to be stuck in an elevator, it might as well be with a bear. 'Can you reach up there, bear?' 'Well, I think I can try ...' " But when a bear is attacking your six-year-old son, there's only one thing you can do. Yes, pick … » 6/21/07 12:45pm 6/21/07 12:45pm

You Say 'Monster Pig,' I Say 'Fred'

I could be wrong about this, but I think hunters would be less likely to thoughtlessly pump bullets into animals if they knew they had names. For instance, that giant pig that the 11-year-old killed? Would it have been so easy to pull the trigger (9 times) if the enormous animal had been wearing a nametag that read,… » 6/02/07 12:30pm 6/02/07 12:30pm

Hog Kid Gets Swiftboated ... We Suppose It Was Inevitable

The legend of Hogzilla II ... was it all a hoax? Did 11-year-old Jamison Stone really down a 1,000-pound feral pig in the Alabama woods, or was he home watching The Andy Griffith Show that day? As a couple of commenters pointed out yesterday, the size of said pig may have been via Photoshop. And in the finest tradition … » 5/31/07 1:30pm 5/31/07 1:30pm

Time To Open The Big Can Of Monkey Whupass

Thankfully, late-night monkey zoo abductions have been virtually stamped out here in the U.S. But in Great Britain, where they are common, monkeys must be ever vigilant. Still smarting from the owl fiasco at the Moscow Zoo, the same gang of thugs apparently decided on a monkey heist for their next caper, with… » 3/23/07 1:15pm 3/23/07 1:15pm