The Sacramento Kings Are A Step Closer To Moving To Seattle

Marc Stein and others are reporting that the Maloofs have agreed to sell a majority stake of the Sacramento Kings to a group that would relocate the team to Seattle by the start of next season. Though something like this has happened before, this time the two parties made it official with more than a handshake: » 1/20/13 11:52pm 1/20/13 11:52pm

Get To Know The Five People That Will Are Mostly Declining To Comment…

The Sacramento Kings are, it would seem, blessedly close to being rid of the Maloofs, two of the worst owners in sports. That comes with a hitch, though—it might mean that the Kings are finished with Sacramento. Here's a rundown of the people in the running to purchase the Kings, and what it would mean for the… » 1/12/13 12:50pm 1/12/13 12:50pm