Deadspin 25: Marcus Mariota's Gone, But Oregon Can Still Be Fun

Welcome to the Deadspin 25, a college football poll that strives to be more democratic and less useless than every other preseason poll. Leading up to the college football season kickoff, we will give you previews of the 25 teams that you, the readers, voted to be most worthy of writing about. Now, No. 3 Oregon. »9/01/15 5:27pm9/01/15 5:27pm


The SEC Really Does Benefit From Media Bias In Polls

This past week, four of the top five teams in the Associated Press College Football Poll hailed from the SEC West Division. Nebraska coach Bo Pelini, among others, wondered aloud whether ESPN's ownership of the brand-new SEC network, which launched this year, might be responsible for such a coincidence. »10/30/14 1:52pm10/30/14 1:52pm

Pac-12 Officiating Coordinator Tony Corrente Resigns

The Pac-12 announced Wednesday night that Coordinator of Football Officiating Tony Corrente resigned. The official explanation is "personal and professional reasons," and San Jose Mercury News reporter Jon Wilner's source told him that Corrente was not forced out, and that the resignation caught the Pac-12 by surprise. »10/09/14 12:04am10/09/14 12:04am

Source: EA's Next College Football Game Will Only Lose One Team

The next edition of EA Sports' embattled college football series will lose only one school from a lineup of more than 120 next year, though two conferences will stop licensing their trademarks to the game, according to a source with direct knowledge of the matter. The Southeastern Conference, which yesterday told ESPN… »8/15/13 8:03pm8/15/13 8:03pm

Pac-12 Commissioner Combines Good Idea With Dumb Suggestion

Caporegime Larry Scott, who runs the NCAA's west coast crew as the commissioner of the Pac-12, wants to arrange some kind of sit-down with the heads of all of the NCAA's families. He has a beef with basketball's so-called one-and-done rule, which requires athletes to spend one year pretending to be students before… »8/01/13 5:42pm8/01/13 5:42pm

Schools That Profit From Unpaid Labor Upset About For-Profit School

We told you last fall about Grand Canyon University, the for-profit school in Phoenix that began transitioning to NCAA Division I on June 1, with its basketball team (led by new head coach Dan Majerle!) slated to compete this winter as a member of the Western Athletic Conference. Now comes word that GCU's jump to D-I… »7/19/13 9:30am7/19/13 9:30am

The Independent Review Into PAC-12 Referee-Bribing Allegations Is In

And it makes no sense. The PAC-12 "engaged" the oddly-named firm Ice Miller, LLP to conduct an independent review into allegations that former head of officiating Ed Rush bribed game officials into T'ing up Sean Miller for disputing a call at the end of Arizona's semifinal loss to UCLA in this year's PAC-12 tournament. »6/02/13 8:10pm6/02/13 8:10pm

T.J. Simers Believes UCLA Threw The Stanford Game, And Hijacked Jim Mora Jr.'s Press Conference To Prove It

UCLA already has the Pac-12 South clinched. Their opponent in the championship game would be either Stanford or Oregon, depending on whether the Bruins won or lost against the Cardinal on Saturday. Well, UCLA lost, 35-17, and they'll have their rematch in just four days. Where the rest of us see one of those quirks… »11/26/12 4:30pm11/26/12 4:30pm

Pac-12 Very Excited About Airing College Football Games On New Network Most People Can't Watch

The college football season starts today, and the Pac-12's new series of networks (seven of them, they're proud to explain) will be under the microscope as critics wait to see if the fledgling net can find the same success the Big Ten did when they launched their own cable channel five years ago. »8/30/12 2:45pm8/30/12 2:45pm