Which NFL Rushing Attacks Do The Most With The Least?

Two years ago, sixth-rounder Alfred Morris held onto his roster spot with a strong preseason and went on to break the Redskins single-season rushing yards record. While steals like Morris are rare, they're also instructive. Some teams invest far fewer resources in their rushing attacks without losing much, if any,… »8/07/14 1:13pm8/07/14 1:13pm


This Is The Angriest America Has Been At Referees Since The 2006 Super Bowl

What would motivate you to Google "referee?" Nothing good (unless you're counting sexy bedroom role-play costumes, in which case, uh, nothing good). The above Google Trends graph (updated last night) shows the relative frequency of "referee" searches in the United States since 2004. The term tends to spike with… »9/25/12 9:25am9/25/12 9:25am

Greg Jennings Responds To Fan's Religious Experience As Greg Jennings On Madden

Back in October in the virtual realm, Packers WR Greg Jennings scored a 99-yard touchdown on a broken leg in Madden. The gamer's voice-over went viral — it has been viewed over four million times on YouTube — but Jennings himself hadn't yet responded to the most famous play of his career. At ESPN The Weekend at… »3/07/11 1:00pm3/07/11 1:00pm