Scoop Jackson Would Like To Get Real With You For A Minute

Buried at the bottom of Page 2 today is a clarification from columnist Scoop Jackson, who caused a veritable shitstorm thanks to his B.J. Upton column » 10/17/08 5:30pm 10/17/08 5:30pm, when he haphazardly implied that Upton's laziness was a reason for young African-Americans to look up to him. Not really what he meant, of course, but that's how many…

Page 2 Hires USC Cheerleader. We Mean That Pretty Much Literally

Who is Erica Lucero? Well, she's a sophomore at the University of Southern California, she's an opinion columnist at the Daily Trojan and, apparently, the newest writer for Page 2. The site's 19-year-old "Gal on campus" is filing reports all season about what it's like to be at USC during the Matt Leinart era. (And… » 8/31/05 2:29pm 8/31/05 2:29pm