That List Of "Words You Can't Text In Pakistan" Is Actually The List Of Things You Can't Put On NFL Jerseys

There's a document circulating today that allegedly contains the list of words that the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) wants banned from text messages. A few tipsters forwarded it our way after noticing that the list included phrases like "Rae Carruth," "Neon Deon," and "He Hate Me,"—all things that would… »11/21/11 3:35pm11/21/11 3:35pm

After They Lock Up All The Cricket Stars, Are All Of Us Next?

The "Brad Pitt of cricket," Imran Kahn, has been thrown into prison by Pakistani President Gen. Pervez Musharraf for speaking out against the government, and is now on a hunger strike. You thought American politics were a mess? Imagine if Tom Brady was thrown in the slammer for his political views, and then his hot… »11/20/07 3:10pm11/20/07 3:10pm