The Running Of The Bulls Keeps Happening Despite Shit Like This

A mere 23 people were injured during the most recent running of the bulls, which somehow is still a thing people do. The Associated Press has a gruesome rundown of the misfortunes that befell these silly twats, many of whom collided and bottlenecked at the entrance to the bull ring. Bulls then trampled, hurdled and… » 7/13/13 11:34am 7/13/13 11:34am

Rex Ryan Went Running With The Bulls In Pamplona

We've yet to come across any photos of Rex making like Hemingway at the Fiesta de San Fermin, but the gang at Busted Coverage was first to find proof Rex was there. He even dressed like your tourist uncle for the occasion. BAD TORO! » 7/08/13 2:34pm 7/08/13 2:34pm