Yao, Panda. Panda, Yao.

Yo, panda, real talk for a second: I cannot get enough of you posing with basketball players wearing the Official China Panda Blue Smock. It's like, they're so big and goofy and you're so little and fuzzy and greyscale, and they've always got that wonderful little smock to avoid rubbing their sweaty human oils on you,… » 1/11/12 2:55pm 1/11/12 2:55pm

So What Was Up With Those Awful Super Bowl Commercials?

You probably know that those Salesgenie Super Bowl ads — you know, with the talking pandas as the Indian guy with seven kids — were produced by Vin Gupta, CEO of the parent company InfoUSA. Gupta, of Indian descent, allegedly wrote the ads himself, which many have decried as racist. (I just think they were painfully … » 2/08/08 1:35pm 2/08/08 1:35pm