WSU Football Player Arrested After "Shoving Two Bottles Of Tequila Down His Pants" In A Daring Robbery Attempt

Washington State redshirt freshman Drew Loftus had a plan. He was "exhibiting signs of intoxication," so it was one of those plans, but it was still a plan: He would bide his time during the evening. Maybe have a couple extra drinks, to take the edge off. Wait until about 1 a.m—just when they least expect it. Walk… »2/03/13 10:30am2/03/13 10:30am

Terrifyingly Mean Ravens Safety Bernard Pollard Refuses To Wear Pants

That's according to the New York Times, which today published a brief profile of Bernard Pollard that may have been the result of an unpleasant encounter between Bernard Pollard and the author of the profile. Though the piece is at pains to point out that Pollard is "confident" and, according to a former opponent,… »1/26/13 2:45pm1/26/13 2:45pm