Eagles Respond To Peyton Manning Audible By Yelling "Papa John's!"

Peyton Manning and hard-drinkin' Papa John Schnatter have long been engaged in a lucrative business relationship. This fact was not lost on the Eagles' defense, which attempted to disrupt Manning's audibles during yesterday's game by screaming, "Papa John's!" at him. » 9/30/13 3:25pm 9/30/13 3:25pm

Papa John Tells Us He Never Got Shitfaced At A Strip Club With Bonzi…

It's time for another firsthand account of Papa John getting shitfaced. If you haven't already, please check out our previous coverage of Papa John getting shitfaced. There was the time he got all fucked up at a basketball game, the time he allegedly proved himself to be a huge lightweight, and the time he may have… » 4/26/13 6:12pm 4/26/13 6:12pm

Papa John Allegedly Used To Get Trashed With "Chicken Heads"

Earlier this week, we asked our readers to share their firsthand accounts of Papa John getting shitfaced, because it has recently become clear that the Papa really likes to get shitfaced. Here's a story from reader Sam: » 4/12/13 4:59pm 4/12/13 4:59pm

Papa John Is Allegedly A Huge Lightweight

Now that a picture of a completely shithoused Papa John has made its way around the internet, we can only hope that others who have stories about getting faded with the Papa will find the courage to tell their tales. Here is one such story from a Fark commenter, who claims that P.J. is a whiskey-swilling lightweight. » 4/10/13 2:35pm 4/10/13 2:35pm