Nearly Twice As Many People As Live In Kansas City Attended The Royals' Parade

Kansas City mayor Sly James estimated that 800,000 people turned out to watch the Royals’ championship parade (at least one police sergeant thought it was higher), which is even more impressive when you realize that Kansas City’s population is just 470,000. But while it’s one thing to hear a number like 800,000, it’s… »11/03/15 8:30pm11/03/15 8:30pm


Little Kid At Giants Parade Yells "Fuck Her Right In The Pussy" On Air

The practice of yelling "fuck her right in the pussy" at inappropriate moments should no longer be a thing, but this instance is notable because of how young the perpetrator is. The kid jumps in there with the quickness, does his damage, and dashes off, leaving the poor reporter to try and salvage his Giants parade… »10/31/14 1:52pm10/31/14 1:52pm

A Bunch Of People Came Up With $25K So UConn Basketball Players Can Ride On Parade Floats After All

Yesterday, Mike Zaleski, executive director of the Hartford Business Improvement District, said if he couldn't get his fingers wrapped around $25K by Friday, there would be no parade to commemorate the victors of one of the worst college-basketball championship games in the history of round objects. Fine, he didn't… »4/14/11 8:30pm4/14/11 8:30pm

Either Somebody Comes Up With $25K By Friday Or UConn's Championship Parade Is Off

It's one thing to win what ranks among the worst men's college basketball championship games ever. It's another thing altogether to have to ask the city of Hartford or the state of Connecticut to pony up some coin to have a parade to accompany "the scheduled celebration for the team at the state Capitol." »4/13/11 9:30pm4/13/11 9:30pm