Iowa State Athletic Director Kicked Out Of High School Basketball Game For Arguing With Referee

Jamie Pollard is like most lunatic parents in many respects. For instance, when he has the chance on a random Tuesday night in February, Pollard likes to watch his son play basketball for Gilbert High School. And sometimes he is so into the game, he gets himself ejected for arguing with the referee. The referee, just… »2/07/13 12:45am2/07/13 12:45am

Hockey Dad Says He Wasn't Being Malicious When He Shined That Laser Pointer In A Little Girl's Eye

Joe Cordes, 42, admitted he shined a laser pointer onto the ice during last week's high school girls hockey game between Winthrop (Mass.) and Medway-Ashland (Mass.). The parents of the freshman goalie for Medway-Ashland had said their daughter complained of headaches afterward. Cordes, whose daughter plays for… »3/07/12 7:30pm3/07/12 7:30pm