Youth Football League Cancels Season Due To Violent Threats Against Officials

A youth football league in Mt. Pleasant, Penn., has cancelled its season in the wake of continued violent threats against league officials. The decision to cancel the season was made yesterday, after someone left a box full of ammunition shells with the names of league officers written on them at a local field. »10/14/15 11:23am10/14/15 11:23am

Father Of Retiring World Famous Cricketer: He Was Only Okay, Could've Been Better

Sri Lankan cricketer Kumar Sangakkara retired after playing his final test cricket match against India the other day. The accolades are rolling in—the Sri Lankan president offered him the post of High Commissioner (ambassador, sort of) to the United Kingdom—and everybody is weighing in on his legacy and place in… »8/25/15 11:02pm8/25/15 11:02pm

My Dad Was The Maxell "Blown Away Guy," Even If I Can't Prove It

When I was little, I was convinced my dad was the Blown Away Guy. I was sure that was my dad’s martini swept up in the audio tempest, my dad’s tie thrashing behind him. The lush-haired guy in that ’80s-dominating ad for Maxell cassettes getting blasted by the music blasting from a pair of JBL speakers, the veritable… »8/10/15 1:19pm8/10/15 1:19pm

I Went to a Simulated Teen Drinking Party and It Freaked Me the Fuck Out

I’m far from the target audience for the simulated teen drinking party I attended last weekend—that audience being freaked-out parents who want to see what really goes on at the hormone-fueled ragers their children are just starting to attend—but let me start by saying that the whole thing was very effective. I was… »5/04/15 8:00pm5/04/15 8:00pm

Klay Thompson's Parents Are Docking His Allowance For Getting Involved In The Warriors-Pacers Fight

Aside from David Lee and Roy Hibbert, a number of players had supporting roles in Monday night's Golden State-Indiana mini-brawl. One of them was Klay Thompson, who was fined $35,000 for escalating the fight. You can see him in the video, No. 11, holding the basketball. He charges Hibbert from behind, moving the scrum… »2/28/13 5:40pm2/28/13 5:40pm

Youth Baseball Coach Arrested After Allegedly Arguing With Umpire, Threatening Parent With Gun

OK, gang. Florida or Ohio? How about neither! This one happened in Scranton, Pa., where 39-year-old Babe Ruth League coach John Zahradnik was charged Saturday with reckless endangerment and harassment. It started when Zahradnik allegedly argued with an umpire, which escalated into an alleged argument with a woman,… »4/24/12 11:35am4/24/12 11:35am

JaVale McGee's Mother Has Some Ideas About How The Washington Wizards Should Showcase JaVale McGee

The Washington Wizards may be complacent on the court, but no one works harder on finding hilarious ways to be dysfunctional. Today's contributor: JaVale McGee's mommy, who has complaints about her son's playing time, his role in the team's offense, and whether he's being coached properly. »1/20/12 1:15pm1/20/12 1:15pm

A Brief Interview With An Ohio State Fan Who Named His Kid "Tressel"

Andy Tomcho is a Cleveland native, former Ohio State student, and die-hard Buckeyes fan who, upon the arrival of his first-born son, graced him with the only name that made sense: Tressel Andrew Tomcho. Named, of course, for deified OSU football coach Jim Tressel. This was nearly two years ago, far happier times for… »6/02/11 4:55pm6/02/11 4:55pm