PSG Players David Luiz And Edinson Cavani Are Worried About Going Back To Paris After Terrorist Attacks [Updated]

For many players on the French capitol’s flagship soccer team, Paris Saint-Germain, last week’s terrorist attacks were viewed from afar, as they were off on international duty elsewhere. Now that it’s nearing time to return, at least two players have publicly expressed their wariness. »11/16/15 11:31am11/16/15 11:31am


Future Of French Open Site Spurs Most Pretentious Debate Ever

On Sunday, the 180 delegates of the French Tennis Federation will meet to decide the future of Roland Garros Stadium, which could change locations by 2016. This has fueled a wonderfully pretentious debate on the merits of the two possible outcomes: shall the century-old tournoi remain in posh western Paris, next to… »2/11/11 5:30pm2/11/11 5:30pm