Rafael Da Silva Put Manchester United Up A Goal With A Screamer From 25…

Manchester United is having a strong season, and sits atop the Premier League standings as of today, but the team can't fall asleep against "basement boys"—sounds kinky—Queens Park Rangers, the team they're playing as I write. Man U is currently up 1-nil [UPDATE: 2-0! Ryan Giggs, just as we posted] against 2-11-13… » 2/23/13 11:40am 2/23/13 11:40am

Bobby Valentine Fell Off His Bicycle Into A Waterlogged Ditch

Bobby Valentine was riding his bicycle around the Central Park Reservoir and then—what do you know—he fell into a ditch: » 10/03/12 11:20am 10/03/12 11:20am

Here's The Joey Barton Meltdown From Today's Stunning Manchester City…

Before we got to the dramatic finish, QPR's Joey Barton provided some initial fireworks after getting sent off for an "off-the-ball incident involving Carlos Tevez." » 5/13/12 6:05pm 5/13/12 6:05pm

The LeBron James Commercial Gets The South Park Treatment

Last night's South Park featured this spoof of LeBron James's recent commercial. It features BP CEO Tony Hayward intercut with other characters in the midst of existential crises. » 11/04/10 10:15am 11/04/10 10:15am